About us

The AVG Group of Companies is one of the oldest business houses in the region, founded in 1937 by the Late A.V. George, a distinguished public personality of the time. The Group comprises of four companies listed on the Madras Stock Exchange and several other public and private limited companies. The Kailas Rubber Company Limited, The Nilgiri Tea Estates Limited, The Thamarapally Rubber Company Limited, The Udayagiri Rubber Company Limited, AVG Motors Limited and A.V George and Company Private Limited are some of the bigger companies in the Group. A majority of the companies are engaged in the Group's core business of cultivation and manufacturing of tea and rubber with tea gardens and plantations spread across Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Tea from the estates are sold through auctions. Rubber products comprising mainly CENEX, EBC and PLC grades are sold through primary dealers. The Group has diversified into non-agricultural lines of business also by taking up dealerships for Bharat Petroleum(Petroleum products), Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti cars) and Eicher Motors Limited (trucks and buses). AVG Motors Limited is an ISO 9001 certified company and two of our tea gardens have obtained the Organic Certification from the Institute of Marketecology (IMO), Switzerland.

The Group is well known for its ethical business practices as is evident from the trust and faith reposed by customers in the Group's products or services, be it the petrol dispensed at its retail outlet or its tea, or the vehicle sold and by those who have had dealings with the Group. The Group employs more than 2,000 people and is headquartered at Kottayam where the corporate offices of the respective companies are located.

The AVG Group comprises of 9 companies

  Name of Company   Corporate Identification Number
  A.V.George & Company Pvt. Ltd. U51109KL1937PTC000027
  A.V.George & Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. U74999KL1946PTC001390
  The Kailas Rubber Company Ltd.


  The Nilgiri Tea Estates Ltd.


  The Thamarapally Rubber Company Ltd.


  The Udayagiri Rubber Company Ltd.


  AVG Motors Ltd.


  AVG Vehicle Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd.


  AVG Info Tech Pvt. Ltd.


The Late Mr.Varkey George was Chairman of AVG Group till 11th October 2007. He was a former member of Parliament and former Chairman of the Municipal Council of Kottayam.

Other Major activities of the Group include

  • Shipping, Clearing and Warehousing
  • Real Estate
At a Glance
  • Founded in 1937
  • Principal activities
    • Rubber plantations / rubber processing
    • Tea plantations / tea factories
    • Dealership of Bharat Petroleum Corporation – petrol station
    • Dealership of Maruti Udyog Limited – including workshop
    • Dealership of Eicher Motors Limited – including workshop
    • Estates in Kerala and Tamil Nadu
    • Acreage under rubber plantations – 2,174 acres
    • Acreage under tea plantations – 1,775 acres
  • Group turnover
    • More than Rs 250 crores
  • Group asset base
    • More than Rs 100 crores
  • Employees
    • 1,200
  • Principal Group Companies/ entities
    • The Nilgiri Tea Estates Limited
    • The Udayagiri Rubber Company Limited
    • The Kailas Rubber Company Limited
    • The Thamarapally Rubber Company Limited
    • (The above companies are listed in the Madras Stock Exchange)
    • AVG Motors Limited (Unlisted public limited company)
    • AV George and Company Private Limited
    • AVG Vehicle Sales and Services Private Limited
    • AV George and Company (India) Private Limited
    • AVG Info Tech Pvt. Ltd.